Tackling issues affecting our communities

What is Talk About?

Talk About is a ground-breaking community social action project tackling Extremist Ideology and Hate.

Funded through Croydon Council’s Culture & Community Safety and supported by the Home Office, the project aims to build resilience by countering racism, hate, intolerance, extremist ideology and radicalisation within our community.

Talk About aligns with Upskills’ Restorative ethos building healthy relationships and community, being accountable, repairing when it has occurred.

Talk About has 4 primary objectives:

  • Raise awareness in communities of the issues and support mechanisms, especially within those marginalised groups which tend to be most affected.

  • Build and train a network of community champions.

  • Drive social action by supporting their local initiatives and projects.

  • Become a recognised channel of support.

Currently the project’s work is targeting supporting three of the most affected categories:

  • Community/faith organisations

  • Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) and

  • Young people at risk or affected by youth violence and exploitations.

If you wish to find out more about the Talk About campaign, become a community champion or just support our work then contact:

Sharon Kilborne at  or Telephone 07801 921 072