Live Case Studies

Case studies has always been a central activity in many professional training courses or practitioner events, often used to give context to the theory and information.

However traditional written case studies are often based around fictitious information or rely on the learners imagining the emotive factors and the role it plays in actions, behaviour and most importantly not it does not allow interaction with the subject to gain that deeper insight.

Which is why Upskill have developed a ground-breaking use of speakers with lived experience trained and supported in sharing their stories in a live setting.

The Live Case Study offers a live testimonial followed by an interactive Q & A with the learners providing a far richer and deeper learning experience.

Learners are able to gain invaluable insight and context to subjects or theory and thus build a better understanding.

An ‘Expert by Experience’ (EbE) is someone who has lived experience of the training topic. Their expertise is based on their own personal experiences, enabling them to speak with authenticity. Their story is articulated through a facilitated personal testimony.

The EbE speakers come from a range of back grounds including:

Homelessness, mental health, substance misuse, care leavers, ex-offenders domestic abuse survivors, serious youth violence, county lines, child crime exploitation and much more.

All speakers are coached and clinically supervised to ensure they are appropriately and adequately supported.

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