Professional Boundaries Training

Professional Boundaries Training

Instructor: admin 27 Feb, 2023
About The Course

Professional Boundaries Training

Staff understanding of professional boundaries can be a difficult area for organisations to manage. Any organisation that supports vulnerable people must ensure that the rights and interests of clients are respected and that the work undertaken by staff fully reflects the organisation’s ethos. If mistakes are made by staff the consequences can be serious for the organisation, potentially involving legal action, major expense, loss of reputation and damage to professional relationships with clients.

Working with difficult issues can also be stressful and emotionally challenging and professional boundaries help us to manage ourselves and our emotional wellbeing.

This course is designed to encourage debate and discussion, to assess your own ability to maintain boundaries and to develop healthy, professional relationships with the vulnerable people you support.

Who Should This Professionals Boundaries Course Be For?

This course is suitable for anyone whose job role involves working with vulnerable adults, whether it’s on a full-time or part-time basis. The course is suitable for workers at all levels, including managers, supervisors, full-time staff and volunteers, and requires no pre-requisite knowledge.


Content is adapted to address particular challenges identified when working for your organisation.

  • Defining Professional Boundaries
  • Exploring Boundary Signs, Crossings and Violations
  • Professional behaviours, morals and ethics in focus
  • Explaining how the law, regulation and policy guide work in practice. The requirements contained in the Quality Assessment Framework (QAF) relating to professional boundaries (standard C1.3 Safeguarding and Protecting Adults)
  • Valuing and sharing information in professional settings and understanding the limits to confidentiality.
  • Clearly define what constitutes unprofessional behaviour
  • Thinking about business impacts, reputational damage and publicity
  • How to navigate the electronic world as a professional including social media
  • Differences between personal and professional relationships
  • Maintaining boundaries when dealing with challenging behaviour
  • Understand appropriate action to take if a breach to a professional boundary occurs
  • Partnership challenges and working with external organisations
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