Managing Vicariousor Secondary Trauma

Managing Vicariousor Secondary Trauma

Instructor: admin 27 Feb, 2023
About The Course

Managing Vicarious Trauma

Course description

This course is designed to help professionals understand and identify vicarious trauma – the dynamics and psychological issues arising from work with victims of violence. Support is given to address the issues with the client and to promote strategies for self-care, highlighting the appropriate use of supervision and debriefing. It provides an opportunity to recognise and celebrate achievements and reflect on challenges met at a personal and professional level.

Learning objectives

  • To develop a framework for understanding the impact of working with victims of abuse on the worker
  • To practise self-care strategies when issues arise from supporting victims
  • To develop insights into the dynamics of working relationships between victims and frontline staff
  • To reflect on achievements and goals
  • To enhance skills to promote health and well-being at work.

Who should attend?

Staff from front line services who want to develop strategies for promoting self-care and good working relationships.

Our Approach to Programme Delivery

Every programme is designed to ensure complete individual involvement and participation, it will stimulate your thinking and challenge you. The key focus is on practical skills and real outcomes throughout. The content will involve an innovative and engaging blend of activities so that you can directly apply it to your current performance and your future success.

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