Counselling Skills For People Working With Survivors

Counselling Skills For People Working With Survivors

Instructor: admin 27 Feb, 2023
About The Course

Counselling skills for people working with survivors of abuse

Course description

This course explores the means to develop a powerful working relationship with clients who have experienced violence against women and girls, through respect, fostering control, setting boundaries and being trustworthy. Concepts such as non-judgmental acceptance and empowerment are explored.

There will be opportunities to practise basic counselling skills including listening and responding in ways that empower clients. We explore ways to make any discussion more safe and effective, such as by acknowledging the stage the woman has reached, her external safety and boundaries of confidentiality.

A framework for structuring a session is presented along with basic guidelines for building and maintaining an effective working relationship.

Learning objectives

  • To increase knowledge of and apply listening and responding skills
  • To consider the costs and benefits of structuring a session with a client
  • To review the meaning of basic principles such as respect and empowerment
  • To learn about pacing and containment
  • To promote the development of healthy working relationships with women who have experienced violence against women and girls.

Who should attend?

Counselling strategies, such as how to structure a meeting, can be applied to all sorts of conversations, including key-work sessions and individual support meetings. This course is designed for professionals working with victims of violence against women and girls who have had no training in counselling techniques.


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