Assertiveness And Personal Effectiveness

Assertiveness And Personal Effectiveness

Instructor: admin 27 Feb, 2023
About The Course

Assertiveness and Personal Effectiveness


A half- or preferably one-day session aimed at giving health and social care workers some skills, knowledge and confidence in improving their effectiveness in relation to common work situations and relationships

Target Group

Anyone working in a health and/or social care setting.

Venue and timings

Your own training room; we suggest 10.00am–4.30pm (9.30am–12.30pm or 1.30pm–4.30pm for half-days)


Learning outcomes: by the end of this session participants should:

  • Have analysed their own levels of assertiveness
  • Have identified some situations where they are not as assertive as they would like to be
  • Be able to explain the differences between assertive, non-assertive and aggressive behaviour
  • Have identified when assertiveness is and is not appropriate
  • Be able to use some techniques for changing non-assertive and aggressive behaviour into assertive behaviour
  • Have practiced some ways of saying “no” assertively
  • Have analysed the reasons why some people might behave in ways that could be described as “resistant” or “difficult”
  • Be able to use some theories of Transactional Analysis in dealing with “resistant” or “difficult” behaviour

Training methods used

All of our training sessions are intended to be as interactive as possible. Participants are encouraged to ask questions, make comments and bring up their own issues. We use lots of different methods including quizzes, case studies, video clips and small group work as well as direct teaching. We want participants to leave the session saying “that was really enjoyable – and it was directly relevant to my working life.”

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