Unlock the Power of Coaching

Coaching helps your people unlock their potential, maximise their performance and get the results they are hoping for.

Over the past decade, the coaching profession has boomed exponentially, a recent survey found that 61% of companies in the UK consider coaching as crucial to their business strategy.

The most progressive and successful businesses look to provide employees with the benefits provided from the power of good coaching. Coaching uses one-to-one conversations and guided questioning and processes to unlock inner potential.

If you really want to be ahead of the field, you need to look at developing a coaching culture across your organisation. You can do this irrespective of size or age of company. At UPSKILL U, we can help with all your coaching needs.

Why Choose Upskill-U

The coaches at Upskill-U have a proven track record as providers of high level coaching and coach training to organisations and senior executives, nationally and  now internationally. All our executive coaches, are all accredited with one of the recognised coaching bodies and have held senior commercial roles before becoming a coach.

How we work

We apply the neuroscience of conversation (conversational Intelligence) to traditional coaching techniques and restorative approaches to enable you to achieve rapid transformational results.

Our approach is flexible but does revolve around a robust framework. This framework typically includes chemistry meetings, a tri-party meeting, a coaching contract and an end of programme review. We also use 360-evaluation, stakeholder interviews psychometric assessments and other tools where appropriate.

What we offer

Corporate or Executive Coaching and Mentoring

When specifically focused at Board Level and/or Senior Management level it is known as executive or leadership coaching.

Executive coaching provides a confidential proven process to support, develop and facilitate business owners, senior executives, leaders and managers attain strategic goals, improve performance, communication, results and work life balance. Often the executive has very little available time and has to fit their business coaching sessions in between important meetings and other work commitments.

We offer flexibility with time and location, supported by telephone, video or Skype meetings.

Business Coaching

Is aimed at managers who have responsibility for teams, departments or areas of the business which comes with both strategic and operational responsibility. Most managers came out of these sessions more confident in how to manage day to day issues, with a better understanding of what needs to be done overall (big picture) and their specific role within it.

 Team Coaching

Is developed to enable small groups to be coached at the same time working together through peer to peer learning  to explore and tackle issues and develop strategies to improve team performance.

Learn To Coach

Build coaching into your corporate culture and gain competitive advantage. We design and implement a coaching system in order to develop peer to peer support and optimise performance, productivity and profitability.

Supervision For Coaches

Whilst many organisations have introduced internal coaching processes into their culture, not all coaching is done well.  Having independent quality supervision and support for those individuals in your organisation that coach ensures best practice.

What Should I Do Next?

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